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20 Amazing Colored Pencil Artists To Follow on Instagram

When you think artistic masterpiece your mind might go to an antique oil painting or a sculpture, you wouldn’t necessarily think colored pencil drawing. But I can guarantee this list of artists will change your mind. These artists, in my opinion, have mastered their craft and taken the humble colored pencil to a whole new level.

Follow these artists to get inspired and see what is really possible with colored pencils.

1. Dennise Wanless @dennisewanlessillustrator

2. Ria Chantler @rialistic_portraits

3. Jocelyn

4. Kelly Lahar @kellylahar

5. Jesse Lane @jesselaneart

6. Natalie Dark @nataliedarkart

7. Chuchu @chuchu_art

8. Bonny Snowdon @bonny_snowdon_fineart

9. ้Ÿณๆตท ใฏใ‚‹ @haruru125_art

10. Kate Woodliff Odonnell @kate_woodliff_odonnell

11. Cynthia Knox @cynthiaknox.artist

12. Morgan Davidson @morgandavidson

13. Heather Rooney @heather12ooney

14. Clarkey @chris_clarke_art

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A post shared by Clarkey (@chris_clarke_art)

15. Angie @fromangiewithlove

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A post shared by Angie (@fromangiewithlove)

16. Roksana @bluebirdiedrawings

17. Safanah @art_by_safanah

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A post shared by Safanah (@art_by_safanah)

18. Gabriella Anouk @gabriellaanouk

19. Laura J Stratton @laurajstratton_art

20. Sema Martin @artistsemamartin

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