Pet Portrait Pricing Calculator

How to price your pet portraits for beginners.

Enter your numbers below to find out how much to charge for your pet portraits.

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Pet Portrait Pricing Calculator

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How to price your pet portraits is one of the biggest challenges facing pet portrait artists. With so many decisions, it can be hard to decide how much to charge.

Our Pet Portrait Pricing Calculator can help.

It will give you a simple price, that you can use for dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits, rabbit portraits or portraits of any other pet or animal.

To get started, all you need is some basic information about your pet portrait.

How does this pet portrait pricing calculator work?

This calculator uses an algorithm designed by experienced pet portrait artists.

When you put your numbers into the boxes, it calculates a fair price for that pet portrait.

The calculator is easy to use for any pet portrait artist, from beginner to experienced.

Number of Pets: The number of pets featured in the portrait.

Artwork Width (inches): The width of the artwork

Artwork Height (inches): The height of the artwork

Material Cost ($): Think about how much you have spent on materials for this pet portrait. Although this figure may be very low, be sure to include everything in detail.

Simply input your values into the boxes and press ‘calculate’. The calculator will generate a price for your pet portrait.

How to price your pet portraits

The pet portrait pricing calculator is the easy way to price your pet portrait commissions. This pet portrait pricing calculator ensures that the prices you are charging for pet portraits is profitable and fair.

It considers factors such as dimensions, number of pets, time spent to generate a price. This calculator is unique because it is specifically designed to help pet portrait artists price their artwork.

You might discover that the price suggested is higher than you expect. This is to take into account the additional costs of running a pet portrait business, from admin to software to web hosting. These costs are often overlooked by other pet portrait pricing calculators.

For beginner pet portrait artists, you can start at a lower price, and increase it as your skills and experience develop. Under pricing is the most common mistake pet portrait artists make. This calculator tells you the minimum fair market value for your pet portrait.

If you are an experienced pet portrait artist, you can charge higher prices than the calculator suggests. This is perfectly fine.The calculator is designed as a starting point for your prices.

Try out the pet portrait pricing calculator for free. Experiment with different numbers and find a price that you feel happy with. There is no one size fits all method for pricing pet portraits.

This calculator is the ideal starting point for any pet portrait artist struggling with pricing their work.

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