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Art Business Launch Kit

Original price was: £197.Current price is: £25.

The complete Art Business Launch Kit.

Our tried and tested blueprint for launching profitable art businesses fast. We’ve taken over 10 years of experience learning what works (and what doesn’t!) and developed it into an easy, step-by-step system.



“It has been so helpful having everything in one place to reference! All set out beautifully and easy to read. A must read for anyone starting up their art business! ” – Leonie Follen


Avoid years of frustration with our biggest-ever art business kit, including 3 bundles of our best-selling books, workbooks, templates, and scripts in easy-to-read PDF format. Your art business will be transformed. See you on the other side.

📚  What’s in the Art Business Launch Kit?

The kit includes ALL of our expertly created books, workbooks, tools, templates, and resources. We’ve broken it down into three steps to give you the best start possible.


Step 1. Learn The Fundamentals

👩‍🎨 Art Is My Career – How To Start An Art Business

The ‘Bible’ of art business, this book breaks down how to do everything from setting up your website to managing difficult customers, in easy-to-follow steps. Ideal for beginners who are new to art business, but equally important for seasoned pros who need clear guidance and direction. Avoid years of frustration and get it right the first time. Trusted by thousands of artists and rated 4.9/5 on Amazon.

🗝️ Art Brand Guidelines

The secret to building a strong, recognizable art brand that clients love.


 Bonus Content:

+ 💵 How Do Artists Make Money? 25 Income Streams For Artists To Thrive and Grow

Rated 5 stars on Amazon, this easy-to-digest guide lifts the lid on the art industry and shows you the real way professional artists make their money. Packed with statistics, inspiration, and guidance on the most effective ways to monetize your art and maximize your income.

+ 👌 Get Ready To Launch

A comprehensive checklist to make your launch a huge success.


Step 2. Use Professional Tools

📝 Commission Schedule & Expenses Spreadsheet

Created by artists for artists, bespoke spreadsheets to track your artwork commissions and business expense to keep your business organized and profitable.

😍 Social Media Checklist

Transform your social media accounts by using this fool-proof content system. How to take the stress out of social media and get results like never before.


Bonus Content:

+ 📖 Commission Logbook for Artists

This 95-page logbook takes the stress out of organizing your waiting list. Keep your clients happy and your workload manageable. Easy to use commission tracker, manage sales and expenses, and supplier details all in one place.


Step 3. The Art Marketing Masterplan

📧 Email Pitch Templates

The real email scripts we use to generate national press coverage for artists.

♟️ PR Strategy Template

Learn how to generate publicity ideas and generate press coverage like clockwork. Tried and tested techniques, designed by public relations experts.


Bonus Content:

+ 📣 Public Relations Workbook for Creatives – Harness The Power of The Media

Learn how to get your art featured in newspapers, magazines, and websites for free. No prior experience is necessary.  By the end of this workbook, you will have written and sent your first press release and have built a network of influential art journalists to work with. Get real exposure faster than ever before using our proven methodology.

+ 🏰 The Storytelling Workbook for Artists

The best tool for artists with writer’s block. This step-by-step workbook teaches you how to craft compelling stories about yourself and your artwork for use in websites, artist bios, artist statements, and across social media and marketing campaigns. Take the guesswork out of writing about art.


🤗  The Secret Community

At any time, if you need support, advice, or a bit of like-minded company, you will have access to our lively Facebook community. Here, you can ask and answer questions and get to know other artists who are building their businesses too.


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Art Business Launch Kit
Original price was: £197.Current price is: £25.
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