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Art is my career: Paperback

(6 customer reviews)


Do you dream of being a full-time artist? This friendly, practical guide shows you how to make your dream a reality, with expert advice on everything from writing a business plan to pricing your work and raising your profile as an artist. Learn how to start taking commissions and ensure your long-term success.

Chapter 1: How to Decide what you want

This chapter helps you to identify what you are trying to achieve with an art career and how to face your fears.

Chapter 2: Is this right for you?

This chapter identifies the qualities needed to start your own art business and helps you identify if you have what it takes.

Chapter 3: Planning your business

This chapter helps you plan your business goals and missions and lays out exactly what branding is and how you can brand your business.

Chapter 4: Customer Interaction

This important chapter helps you to identify your target customer and tells you how to interact with them at each stage of the commission process. It also helps you deal with difficult customers and how to take payments for your commissions.

Chapter 5: Your Website

This chapter identifies why you need a website and the best website builders to use to build your own. It also covers what pages to include and how-to layout your website for optimum customer interaction.

Chapter 6: Social Media

This chapter identifies the importance of social media and exactly how to set up your social media accounts, what to include in your bio etc, how to write engaging posts and how to grow your account.

Chapter 7: PR Strategy

This chapter explains what PR is and why it is so important for gaining awareness of your business and making sales. It also includes how make a plan, generate ideas and the various writing formats you need to know.

Chapter 8: Finances

The most important chapter to help you organise your finances and cashflow. It also includes to formulas that you can use to prices your work and how to invest in your business.

Chapter 9: Getting Organised

This chapter shows you how to plan your commissions and manage your time effectively.

Chapter 10: Developing your career

This chapter will help you take your business to the next level and identifies how to develop your artistic skills.

Bonus Materials

By buying this book you will gain access to our Private Facebook community where you can ask questions and share experiences with other artists trying to make art the career.

Included in with this eBook are 6 downloadable templates to help you with your business including:

  1. Social Media Checklist
  2. Press Release template
  3. PR strategy Template
  4. Email Pitch Template
  5. Commission Schedule & Expenses Spreadsheet
  6. Brand Guidelines Document


6 reviews for Art is my career: Paperback

  1. Tia Turquesa

    I’m really enjoying this book! It’s just what I’ve been looking for me to give me the push I need to get started as a full-time artist. Sema gives very clear and practical advice, and steps to follow. The chapters are clear and easy to follow, and the follow-up via e-mails and the community Facebook group is wonderful. I would highly recommend this book to people like me who are contemplating taking the leap to setting up as an artist.

  2. Mona H.

    I follow the author on Instagram and I’m amazed not only by her talent, but also her popularity. This book covers the nuts and bolts of a modern day art career. Great information.

  3. Cynthia L. Hamilton

    This is an extremely helpful book by artist Sema Martin. This is written by an artist out there doing it! Especially helpful for those wanting to start a commissioned based business. Includes how to get started, why you need a website, how to gain more social media followers, what you should charge for your commissions, how to organize your waiting list, and more. She went from being a NASA space engineer to a full time artist.

  4. Judy E. McCatty

    It is a very informative book. Easy to read. Very helpful to those wanting to start a business as an artist.

  5. Patti cummings

    I recommend this book for getting a art business going. The author tells the good and pitfalls of being self employed. Though I’m not a pet portrait artist, I do people portraits, the information is still helpful. She goes over your social media and websites to get your business going. Martin also has a Facebook page with additional info and you can ask questions. I had the opportunity to look at other websites and that gave me ideas on how to set up mine and how to price. Martin offers so much help, how can you resist.

  6. Kerry Bartlett

    This is the perfect book for anyone starting a business as a professional artist. It has so far answered all my questions and I especially love the indexing so that when I need advice on a certain subject I can just turn to the page in question. It has been a real eye opener and the information Sema has provided in this book is invaluable. It covers all aspects from tools, social media to spreadsheets and presentation. I recommend it,

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Art is my career: Paperback
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