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Sema’s Christmas gift guide for artists

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Don’t know what to ask for this year? Well, don’t worry because I have you covered!

Check out my Christmas List for Artists!

Print this page and give it out to your family members or send them a link!

All these items are products I use every day to create my realistic colour pencil artworks and run my successful art business.

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  1. A3 Lightbox – I use an A3 size so I can trace the outline of my pet portraits before colouring them in. This saves me time and allows me to accurately capture the character of each pet.
  2. Electric eraser – This eraser has a very small end so you can accurately create fine highlights in the eyes, fur and the wet noses of doggies.
  3. Faber Castell Dusting Brush – I use this every minute during the drawing process to keep my paper clean and white. Very Useful!
  4. LED Ring Light – This light is perfect for creating even light for photographing your art and videos. Also, it doesn’t overheat when left on for long periods of time. Its comes with so many attachments for your camera and phone. Very useful!
  5. Liquid White Colour Pencil (Use code SEMA10 for 10% off) – This is such a great little product and comes from another small business owner. Create beautiful white hairs and whiskers whilst supporting a small business.
  6. Canon EOS 4000D camera – One of the cheapest best cameras you can get for upping your Instagram game. You need good pictures of your work to keep people interested so this is the camera for you! I use it for every Instagram post I create so you can see how good it is at capturing fine colour pencil detail.
  7. Faber Castell Polychromos – These hard pencils are perfect for creating details and there are so many colours to choose from you will be able to create the most beautiful and realistic furry friend portraits. You won’t regret getting the full set.
  8. Canon LiDE 400 Scanner – I use an A4 scanner create high-quality scans of my artwork for creating prints. For sizes larger than A4 I scan in my work in sections and then automatically piece them together in Photoshop. No need to buy a bigger more expensive one.
  9. Derwent Mechanical Sharpener – Really good at getting that sharp point you need for fine detail.
  10. Beech Wood Pencil Drawers – These are my go-to for pencil storage solutions. I love to organise my pencils by colour and the little compartments are the perfect size for a few rows of pencils.
  11. French-style box easel – This has been the new edition to my materials list and I love that I can take it anywhere and set it up. It also has a draw so you can easily take out your materials on the go. I always feel like a real artist when I use this!
  12. Slice Tool – revolutionary for all artists if you want to create fine hairs. use this to scrape off the top layers of pencil to create the look you want. See this video on how to use.
  13. Manfrotto camera arm – This camera arm is perfect for holding your expensive camera or even your phone and it is really sturdy and accurate. It is perfect for recording your drawings and creating tutorials and videos. Don’t forget to get the clamp so you can attach it to any surface near you.
  14. Caran d’Ache Luminance Pencils – These wax-based pencils have such a lovely luminosity and textures. I couldn’t live without them. They blend really nicely together and are perfect for base layers and backgrounds. Definitely get the full set if you can. There are so many beautiful colours!
  15. Sofft Pastel tools – These tools are perfect to use with PanPastels. I like to use the pastels to create backgrounds and base layers for my portraits and then use colour pencils to draw the details over the top.
  16. Windsor & Newton Fixative – I like to use this fixative because it doesn’t discolour my colour pencil and pastel portraits. I normally use it at the very end or if I need to add more layers to my paper for some final touches.

And don’t forget my book ‘Art is my career – How to start an art business’. I use it every day to make sure I am on track with my business and it is perfect for artists wanting to start their own.

Have a very Merry Christmas! I hope you get everything you want!!

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