Artwork Shipping Boxes And Packing Supplies

Where to buy everything you need to safely pack, store, and ship artwork.

Learn My Craft | 20th April 2023

Artwork Shipping Boxes And Packing Supplies

Sending artwork nationally, or even internationally, can be a daunting prospect. After spending hours creating a masterpiece, the thought of packing it up and shipping it across the world can cause anxiety in even the most experienced artists. If you’re going to ship your artwork successfully, you need to get prepared and invest in the best quality boxes and packing supplies you can. With the right plan, and our expert guidance, you’ll be able to send artwork anywhere without worrying.

Quality packing supplies don’t just protect your precious artwork, they also demonstrate to customers that you are a professional artist who can deliver a professional product. The right packaging can make or break the experience of opening an artwork you have waited anxiously to buy. So where do you start? On this page, you will find our picks from the leading suppliers (and some bargain finds) for robust, quality artwork shipping boxes and packing sundries.

Top Tip! If you would rather hire a specialist art transport company to create bespoke packaging and shipping for your art, read our Artwork Shipping Guide.

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1. Art Shipping Boxes (cardboard)

Cardboard boxes suitable for shipping artwork, paintings, canvases, prints, drawings, and posters

PACK4YA Small Parcel Postal Boxes (10Pcs)

Features: 32ECT-E single wall corrugated cardboard and craft paper.

Price: £ 28.99

Price per box: £2.89

Dimensions: 420 x 280 x 50mm (external)

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5


✓ Qualify for Royal Mail Small Parcel Postage Rate

✓ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✓ Eco-friendly


✕ Self-assembly required

✕ Quiet expensive

✕ Only 50mm depth may not suit all applications

PACK4YA Medium Parcel Postal Boxes (10Pcs)

Features: 32ECT-E single wall corrugated cardboard and craft paper.

Price: £ 29.99

Price per box: £2.99

Dimensions: 360 x 353 x 43mm (external)

Amazon Rating: 4.9/5


✓ Qualify for Royal Mail Medium Parcel Postage Rate

✓ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✓ Eco-friendly


✕ Self-assembly required

✕ Quiet expensive

✕ Only 43mm depth may not suit all applications

A2 Single Wall Corrugated Postal Boxes (10Pcs)

Features: 32ECT-E single wall corrugated cardboard and craft paper.

Price: £ 25.20

Price per box: £2.52

Dimensions: 594 x 420 x 50mm

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5


✓ Strong boxes that fit A2 sized Artwork

✓ Good value for money

✓ Can be cut down to fit other A sizes easily


✕ Self-assembly required

✕ Single wall cardboard may require additional strengthening at this size for heavy artwork.

Large Brown Cardboard Postal Boxes (10Pcs)

Features: Single Wall Cardboard

Price: £ 25.20

Price per box: £2.52

Dimensions: 510 x 510 x 120mm


✓ Excellent depth of 120mm

✓ Sturdy, strong boxes suitable for postal use

✓ Integral hinged lid


✕ Self-assembly required – supplied flat

Cardboard Postal Tubes for Artwork (25Pcs)

Features: High-density spiral wound cardboard tubes with two end plugs.

Price: £ 15.87

Price per box: £0.63

Dimensions: 455 x 50mm

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5


✓ Durable and strong

✓ Made using recycled materials

✓ Excellent value for money


✕ Self-assembly required – supplied flat

✕ Due to the length the tubes push postage up to medium parcel via Royal Mail.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

2. Art Shipping Crates

Plywood and wooden crates for shipping artwork, sculpture, paintings, canvases

Shipping crates made from plywood or timber are often bespoke, so there are limited options to buy ‘off the shelf’. This ensures your items are properly protected during transit, and the design can be tailored to your individual needs. For example, a carrying frame to transport a large canvas on a short journey is very different to a shipping crate, designed to be put on a container ship and transported around the world.

These companies all specialise in making bespoke shipping crates for artwork, paintings, canvases, mirrors, sculpture and antiques.

Rocket Van

Shipping Crates, Mailing Crates and Travel Frames

Rocket Van: Shipping Crates, Mailing Crates and Travel Frames

Rocket Van is based in London, England. They produce a range of shipping crates, mailing crates and travel frames for artwork. Their shipping crates are reusable timber and plywood boxes that can be reused again and again. The crates use ISPM 15 regulation timber, which allows them to be used across borders in compliance with IPPC regulations.


Fine Art Packaging, Storage and Shipping Containers

Curatorial: Fine Art Packaging, Storage and Shipping Containers

Curatorial have a wealth of experience working with curators, museums, galleries and exhibitors to provide quality crates and containers for artwork of all types including sculpture, paintings, prints, models, artefacts and photographs. They offer bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions, suitable for storage or national and international transport. Curatorial service in the USA and Canada markets.


Art Shipping, Storage, Crates, and Packing Solutions

Ebiss: Art Shipping, Storage, Crates and Packing Solutions

Ebiss have a base in the USA and the UK, making it easy to pack and ship artwork internationally. Their range of made-to-measure wooden crates are ISPM15 certified, making them compliant with IPPC regulations. They frequently work with exhibitors and art fairs to pack and transport artwork.

3. Presentation Boxes

Decorative boxes for the presentation of artwork, graphics, prints, paintings, and drawings

A4 Luxury Rigid Presentation Gift Box

Features: Single A4 gift box with lid

Price: £ 10.49

Price per box: £10.49

Dimensions: 315 x 220 x 53mm

Amazon Rating: 4.1/5


✓ Fits A4 Items – ideal as a pet portrait box

✓ Available in 4 colours and multiple sizes


✕ Price is relatively high for one unit

Textured Box with Printed Interior

Features: Single gift box with lid. Textured surface.

Price: £14.99

Price per box: £14.99

Dimensions: 340 x 230 x 80mm

Amazon Rating: 4.1/5


✓ Sturdy construction

✓ Complete with packing material

✓ Printed internally


✕ Size is approximate, may be slightly smaller

✕ Single size[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

4. Mail Bags

Tough, waterproof polythene mailing envelopes

Sabco Self-Adhesive Mailing Bags

Features: Waterproof, tear-proof postal bags.

Price: From £6.49 for 10 Pcs

Dimensions: A full range of sizes from 4.5” x 7” up to 20” x 26”

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5


✓ Waterproof and tear-proof postal bags

✓ Self-adhesive seal

✓ Cost effective


✕ Alternative brands are thicker

Calzette 24” x 36” Mailing Bags

Features: Extra large grey postal mailing bags

Price: From £6.95 for 5 Pcs to £89.99 for 250 Pcs

Dimensions: 92cm x 61cm (36” x 24”)

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5


✓ Extra large size

✓ Permanent self-seal

✓ Waterproof and strong


✕ Single size and colour


Mixed Sized Mailing Bags

Features: 50 Pcs, mixed sizes self seal strong mailing bags.

Price: £6.99

Dimensions: 5 sizes included; 6”x 9”, 9”x 12”, 10”x 14”, 12”x16”, 14”x 19”

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5


✓ A range of different sizes

✓ Fully opaque, sturdy postage bags

✓ Choice of colours


✕ Suitable for smaller parcels only


5. Bubble Wrap

Protective bubble wrap for shipping artwork

Meown Bubble Wrap Roll

Features: Quality bubble wrap on the roll

Price: £10.99

Dimensions: 500mm x 100m

Amazon Rating: 3.8/5


✓ Large size roll suitable for frequent use

✓ Affordable packing solution

✓ Eco-friendly and recyclable


✕ Small bubble size suits smaller objects


Triplast Clear Bubble Wrap Pouch Bags

Features: Pack of 100 self-seal transparent bubble wrap bags

Price: £30.99

Dimensions: 380mm x 435mm x 30mm

Amazon Rating: 4.2/5


✓ Easy to use, really neat packing solution

✓ Good value for money

✓ Self-adhesive seal strip


✕ Less versatile than bubble wrap on the roll[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

6. Glassine Paper

Water, grease and air-resistant paper suitable for packing artwork

Canson Archival Glassine Translucent Smooth Paper

Features: 40GSM translucent paper allowing for archival interleaving

Price: £120.49

Dimensions: 1.1m x 50m

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5


✓ Archival quality glassine paper

✓ Suitable for preserving photographs, prints and paintings

✓ Large size


✕ Expensive, although high quality

Glassine Art Paper Roll

Features: Multi-purpose translucent paper to protect paintings, pastels, drawings and photos

Price: £36.58

Dimensions: 22m x 60cm

Amazon Rating: 4.1/5


✓ Multi-purpose, suitable for a range of applications

✓ Affordable alternative to archival glassine paper

✓ Acid-free, neutral pH


✕ Smaller roll size than rival brands

7. Packing Peanuts

Loose-fill packaging and cushioning material for packing artwork

Ecoflo Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Features: Starch-based loose fill packing peanuts

Price: £15.58

Dimensions: 3 Cubic feet

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5


✓ 100% biodegradable material, made from GM-free starch

✓ High-level shock and impact protection

✓ Ideal for small or delicate items


✕ Packing peanuts can move around in transit

Ecoflo Multi-Coloured Packing Peanuts

Features: Multicoloured biodegradable loose-fill packing peanuts

Price: £22.45

Dimensions: 5 Cubic feet (120 Litre)

Amazon Rating: No Rating


✓ Dust free, odourless and safe

✓ Starch-based ingredients, biodegradable

✓ Ideal for use in conjunction with presentation boxes


✕ Not suitable for all applications

8. Foam Sheets

Sheets of absorbent foam filler material for packing artwork

Polystyrene EPS Foam Packing (25Pcs)

Features: Expanded polystyrene sheets EPS70

Price: £23.29 for 25 Pcs

Dimensions: 600mm x 400mm x 25mm

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5


✓ Ideal for packing and shipping artwork

✓ Easy to cut down with a hot wire or knife


✕ Size may vary slightly

Foam Packaging Sheets (5 Pcs)

Features: High impact, lightweight foam in charcoal colour

Price: £16.99 for 5 Pcs

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 30mm

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5


✓ Suitable for all kinds of packaging applications

✓ High impact protection

✓ Easy to cut and shape


✕ Not fire retardant[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

9. Corner Protectors

Packaging designed to protect the corners of paintings, canvases, frames and prints

Jasel Adjustable Corner Edge Protectors

Features: Corrugated cardboard corners with fold-in locking tab

Price: £15.99

Dimensions: Fits corners up to 3.8cm thick.

Amazon Rating: 4.2/5


✓ Easy to assemble

✓ Durable corrugated cardboard

✓ Suitable for wood or metal frames, artwork, paintings and albums


✕ Self-assembly required

Sourcing Map Adjustable Corner Protector

Features: Impact resistant

Price: From £9.99 for 60 Pcs

Dimensions: A range of sizes is available

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5


✓ Good value for money

✓ Sturdy construction to protect corners or paintings, frames and artwork


✕ Self-assembly required

10. Film Wrap / Stretch Wrap

Plastic film used to secure and protect works of art during shipping and transportation

Mini Clear Pallet Stretch Wrap

Features: 4 pack of mini clear stretch wrap and rolling handle

Price: £29.99

Dimensions: 130mm x 305m

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5


✓ Includes a plastic rolling handle and 4 rolls of film

✓ Self-adhering, it clings to itself

✓ Clear 80 gauge film


✕ Not suitable for all shipping applications

Multi Use Pallet Stretch Wrap

Features:  2 Rolls of quality pallet wrap

Price: £14.99

Dimensions: 400mm x 250m

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5


✓ Water and moisture-proof

✓ Tear-resistant, strong film

✓ Self-adhering


✕ Not suitable for all shipping applications

11. Tape and Binding

Strong tape and bindings for securing boxes and crates

Tape Dispenser, Shipping Tape and Fragile Tape Kit

Features: Includes 4 rolls of clear tape, 2 rolls of fragile tape and a tape dispenser.

Price: £13.99

Dimensions: 48mm x 66m

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5


✓ Everything you need in one kit

✓ Easy peel tape

✓ Choice of colours


✕ For heavy-duty use choose another tape

Pandabode Kraft Paper Packing Tape

Features: Brown paper eco-friendly parcel tape

Price: £12.99

Dimensions: 48mm x 50m (3 Pcs)

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5


✓ Eco-friendly, paper tape

✓ Easy to tear and moulds to any shape

✓ You can write on it


✕ Slightly less strong and water resistant than plastic tapes

ScotchBlue Premium 2090 Masking Tape

Features: Multi-surface masking tape 24mm

Price: £4.75

Dimensions: 24mm x 41m

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5


✓ Medium adhesion, clean removal up to 14 days later

✓ High-quality masking tape

✓ UV Resistant


✕ Unsuitable for long-term storage[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

12. Labelling Materials

Shipping labels, document wallets and labelling equipment

Amazon Basics Multipurpose Address Labels

Features: Large choice of sizes, self-adhesive labels on sheets

Price: From £7.06

Dimensions: Large choice of sizes

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5


✓ Compatible with laser or inkjet printers or pen

✓ Matt white with permanent adhesive

✓ Good value for money


✕ Not suitable for thermal label printers


A5 Documents Enclosed Wallets (20Pcs)

Features: Self-adhesive waterproof self-sealing documents enclosed wallets

Price: £6.29

Dimensions: 225mm x 165mm

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5


✓ Very strong adhesive that will stick to any parcel

✓ Waterproof, self-sealing envelope

✓ Suitable for use with international customs and export documentation on parcels


✕ Transparent wallets may reveal sensitive information to unauthorised individuals.

Jadens Thermal Label Printer

Features: Wireless thermal label printer (Bluetooth)

Price: £96.00

Dimensions: Uses 4” x 6” thermal shipping labels

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5


✓ Compatible with Apple, Etsy, eBay, USPS etc.

✓ Standard 4” x 6” labels

✓ No ink required, thermal printing


✕ Some reviewers report quality concerns

Dymo LabelWriter 4XL

Features: Thermal label printer, fast printing and free Dymo software.

Price: £263.97

Dimensions: Prints labels up to 10cm wide

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5


✓ Well-known brand, high-quality label printing

✓ High-speed printer

✓ No ink required, thermal printing

✓ Compatible with all major platforms


✕ Price

✕ Software can be a little glitchy sometimes

13. Artwork Shipping Boxes and Packing Supplies FAQs

Where can I get free artwork shipping boxes?

Recycled cardboard boxes, crates, bubble wrap and fill material are frequently discarded by businesses and at recycling points. Recycled materials, if clean and in good condition, can be a good way to save money on packing. Always ask for permission before taking discarded boxes and packing materials.

How do I ship artwork?

Pack your artwork securely, label and send using a courier or specialist art transporter. For a detailed guide, see our page How to Ship Artwork Internationally

Where to buy boxes for paintings?

Amazon has several ready made boxes suitable for shipping paintings. For example, these boxes are featured on our guide Art Shipping Boxes (Cardboard). For crates or bespoke cardboard boxes, contact a specialist manufacturer.

How do you package artwork for a move?

If you are moving locally, and depending on the type of artwork you can use a travel frame or simple bubble wrap and cardboard box to transport the artwork safely. If you are moving artwork nationally or internationally, package it using additional layers of protection and always insure against loss or damage.

How do you package artwork for a customer?

When packaging artwork for delivery to a customer, presentation is important. The outer packaging should be strong and well-labelled. The inner packaging, whether a presentation gift box or protective packing (depending on the piece) should look presentable and offer an easy way for the customer to open it without damaging the artwork. Resist the urge to cover an item in sticky tape. Make sure any documents (invoices, certificates of authenticity, provenance) are easy to access and not going to get damaged. If you have any specific instructions for opening or displaying the artwork, make sure they are visible before the customer gets too far into opening the work.

How to pack framed artwork with glass for shipping?

Use masking tape such as ScotchBlue Premium 2090 Masking Tape to cover the surface of the glass in a grid of tape. This will add protection to the surface and in the event of any breakages will hold together any shards. You can add an additional sheet of cardboard or foam to the front surface for additional impact protection. Bubble wrap the artwork and place it in a box with enough loose fill packing material to allow all impacts to be absorbed. Use a thick (double walled ideally) cardboard box and label it with fragile or handle with care stickers. Although some artists remove the glass before shipping and pack it separately, sometimes the frame itself offers the best protection for the glass.

How do I determine the correct size of the shipping box for my artwork?

Measure your artwork and add an extra 2-3 inches on each side to accommodate packing materials. Choose a shipping box that is slightly larger than the artwork to allow room for cushioning.

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