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15 Best Facebook groups for watercolor artists to join


1. Watercolor Artist

This group is strictly non commercial, but welcomes posts from artists who want to share their watercolor paintings with an appreciative audience.

Watercolor Artist Facebook Group

2. Watercolour Beginners

A friendly and welcoming community helping beginner watercolour artists make the most of this difficult medium. The group focuses on social learning and encourages users to help each other make progress.

Watercolour Beginners Facebook Group

3. Watercolor Impressionist

A place to share, sell and get feedback on your watercolor paintings. Although the group name suggest there is a focus on the impressionist style, the group welcomes all watercolor artists to take part.

Watercolor Impressionist Facebook Group

4. Watercolor Artist’s Society

This is a welcoming and open group that allows you to share your work to an audience of watercolor enthusiasts.

Watercolor Artist’s Society Facebook Group

5. Watercolour Stories Painting and Selling

Unlike many groups, this community allows you to sell your work, as well as providing a place to share your work and tell the stories behind your art.

Watercolour Stories Painting and Selling Facebook Group

6. Watercolor Painting For Beginners

This group is specifically aimed at beginners looking to learn watercolor painting and ask for feedback from other artists. The group is run by professional artist Alexandra Gábor.

Watercolor Painting For Beginners Facebook Page

7. Watercolor for Everyone

A welcoming group where you can share your work and ask for feedback from a friendly group of artists.

Watercolor for Everyone Facebook Group

8. World Watercolor Group

A facebook group founded during world watercolor month back in 2016, it now hosts a community where you can share your work, ask for tips and tricks, hosted by Doodlewash.com

9. Realistic Watercolors

A group for watercolor artists who are passionate about realism and using this unforgiving medium to create realistic watercolor paintings.

Realistic Watercolors Facebook Group

10. Watercolour Tips and Tricks

This group is very focused on techniques and tips, making it ideal for watercolour artists looking to learn and develop. If you teach watercolour painting this is a great place to share your teaching.

Watercolour Tips and Tricks Facebook Groups

11. Watercolorists

This is a community of watercolour artists who share their successes and their frustrations of working with this delicate medium.

Watercolorists Facebook Group

12. Mystery of Watercolour

If you are passionate about the medium of watercolour this group is somewhere to share your enthusiasm. Share your work and find inspiration from this group of artists.

Mystery of Watercolour Facebook Group

13. Watercolour Painting

This group is for watercolour artists to share tips, tricks and news. Selling your work is not allowed, but this is a great place to develop your skill and network with other artists.

Watercolour Painting Facebook Groups

14. Watercolour Passion

Watercolour passion is a group for watercolour artists to share their work and get inspired for their watercolour painting.

Watercolour Passion Facebook Group

15. Watercolor Landscapes

This group is for watercolor artists who focus on painting landscapes and want to learn techniques associated with painting mountains, grass, water and trees.

Watercolor Landscapes Facebook Group

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