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How to increase your website traffic to make more art sales

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This page is all about how to get more visitors to your website. As an artist, you need a website so potential customers can find you and buy your work. By having your own website, it makes you look more professional than just having an Instagram page. The benefits of having your own website are that you have total control over what your potential customers will see and you can design it as you wish. Think of it as your very own gallery/shop, where you can display your art to audiences around the world. But with so many websites out there, how do you get the right people to yours? Here are some tips to get more visitors to your site.

Increasing website traffic is a great way to get more sales, without having to cost you anything!

Here are 9 ways you can increase traffic to your website and get some direct sales for your art:

1. Increase your direct web traffic

2. Advertise to boosts your traffic

3. Use email marketing

4. Boost your SEO

5. Use social media

6. Use backlinks

7. Blogging

8. Speed up your website

9. Get a responsive website

If you want to know more about this and how to create the best website for you, see Chapter 4 of my book ‘Art is my Career – How to Start an Art Business’.

1. Increasing your website traffic

Getting people directly to your website is the most obvious way to increase your traffic. So hand out your business cards at every opportunity and put up flyers with your website on. Everything you produce should have your website one, you never know who will see it and you want them to go directly to you!

2. Advertising boosts your traffic

Using paid search, social media ads and display ads will obviously boost traffic to your website but you need to make sure you have a clear goal and a clear audience in mind before you start paying. Ads can be potentially very expensive so you need to attract paying audiences to your website in order to make it worth your time and money.

3. Learn how to use email marketing

Grow your mailing list and send regular emails that will drive traffic to your website. Use catchy titles so people are more likely to open their emails and have buttons, telling them to click through to your website. There should be a purpose to every email you send and it should always drive them to do something. Grow your list by offering a relevant freebie, and by relevant I mean something your target customer wants. This will help you attract the right people!

4. Boosting your SEO will increase your traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is when your website is found by visitors using a search engine like Google. Ultimately you need to be on the first page of their search results and in order to do this, you need to boost your SEO. Use keywords in your headings that your target customers are likely to use when searching for your products. Use long-tail keywords so you’re your website will seem more relevant to people’s searches, such as including medium and location in the alt text of your images will help people find your work faster. Make sure to add alt text to all images on your website. Especially as an artist you will have a lot of pictures so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

5. Learn how to use social media to boost website traffic

Post frequently to your social media platforms with a strong call to action that drives your followers to visit your website. Use the link in your bio to advertise your website or your link tree. Link tree is great because you can have multiple websites displayed in one place, like your Youtube channel, Facebook, linked in. Whatever you want people to click on!

6. Learn how to use backlinks to boost website traffic

Get other websites and blogs to link to yours. In doing so, search engines like google will rank your website higher in search results when you have a good number of quality websites linking back to yours.

7. Learn how to use blogging to boost website traffic

Blogging regularly will help keep your website updated which is what search engines like. It will also help to attract your target audience if you write about things they are interested in.

8. Make sure your website is fast

People wait an average of 3 seconds for a website to load. Any longer than that and they will leave and you have lost a potential customer! So, make sure your website loads fast.

9. Is your website responsive?

This means does your website look as good and easy to use on a mobile phone as well as on a computer and tablet. A majority of people will find your website by clicking through social media on their phones, so once they click on your website you want to make sure they can still read your headings and text, find your menu, and contact you!

There is no one way of doing things that will immediately send everyone to your website. You have to try as many of these options as possible and keep an eye on your website analytics. Whichever method has been sending the most traffic to your website, concentrate your efforts and time into that.

Making sales of your art is a numbers game, the more visitors you have to your website the more likely you are to make a sale or have a commission inquiry.

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